Introducing Our Mares

These colorful gals are really something.
They are not only great moms
but hard working gals!
They love to go out and play!
By the time their foals are 30 days old, they are ready to get out of the house for a bit.
Several of these mares have earned PAC Credits and Certificates with minimal showing.

Please feel free to meet each of our gals.
Just click on the mares name to go to her page and get to know a bit about her.
(If you have pics of any of the horses in any of the pedigrees
Please share them and I will add them to our site!:-)
I will be continually adding pics as I get better at this website stuff)

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Mares    Mares    Mares     

Our Eternal Flame        
2000 Palomino Tobiano

2002 Grulla Tobiano

2002 Homozygous Black Tobiano

2003 Homozygous Gold Champagne Tobiano

Callie Jo Blackjack
2003 Black Tobiano

Mariahs Amber N Style        
2005 Homozygous Buckskin Tobiano (Amber Champagne)

Mariahs Ebony Rose
2006 Homozygous Black Tobiano

Mariahs Dun N Amber       
2006 Homozygous Grulla Tobiano (Champagne)

Mariahs Dun N Style       
2007 Homozygous Dun Tobiano

Mariahs Echo Lena        
2008 Buckskin Tobiano 

2009 Black Tobiano


When God created Quarterhorses, He Painted the good ones



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